Karen Ng

Class of 2016


Karen Ng is a designer, strategist, and business developer who fell in love with making things at an early age. After graduating from NYU, she went on to work in business development where she was given the opportunity to work on design projects. With spare time to fill outside of work, she decided to rekindle her love for creating things by signing up for a class at SVA. She had so much fun that she quickly signed up for more classes. A year later, she decided to make her passion her full-time vocation and not just her hobby. Karen looks forward to research, experimenting with new technologies, and most importantly, creating meaningful things. Karen is also passionate about social causes. She currently serves on the advisory board of a non-profit that facilitates medical interventions in Bolivia. Karen is hopeful that the creative environment that is fostered at SVA will help inspire her to come up with innovative ways to incorporate interaction design in the non-profit world—a sector that could truly benefit from an influx of creativity.

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