Marcelo A. Mejía Cobo

Class of 2016


Born and raised in Ecuador, Marcelo A. Mejía Cobo began college as an architecture student at the San Francisco University of Quito and accepted a position as a theater assistant while studying, a job that he kept through all of his college years. This experience influenced his point of view about architecture and motivated him to take various courses in the communications and arts department, which led him to graduate with a second major in Interior Design and a minor degree in Cinematography. Furthermore, enjoying independent study in his free time, he is a self-taught programmer.

After graduating, he worked on two feature films in the art department and then started to teach as an adjunct professor at his university. A few years later, he moved to Vancouver, Canada where he worked in architecture and interior design for four years. He then moved to New York where he worked in landscape design, architecture, and interior design for four years. When the iPhone was invented, he started to design and develop mobile applications. Moving back to Ecuador in 2011, he continued to teach and work on independent projects.

He joins the Interaction Design department, looking to further his multicultural and cross-disciplinary experience.

“I want to learn the skills that will allow me to create artwork that expresses the diverse background that I continue to pursue: art that is integrated with and situated in real-world, practical applications that can be useful and available to others.”

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