Nic Barajas

Class of 2016


Nic Barajas has alternatively considered himself a systems thinker, a print and web designer, a tinkerer of code, a lover of good coffee and beer, or a journalist. No matter the description, his passion is in crafting great experiences and storytelling.

At The New York Times, his involvement has spanned both print and digital. He started as a print designer, where he eventually built the front page of the newspaper. In 2010, he built The Lively Morgue, a Tumblr of archival photos. As a web designer, he was on the team that redesigned, which launched in January 2014. Now, he works in the newsroom with editors, producers, and developers to ensure the Times’s journalism is well presented across all platforms.

Nic has a degree in Communication Management and Design from Ithaca College, and has been distinguished as a fellow at the Poynter Institute.

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