Somin Heo

Class of 2016


Somin Heo is an interactive and branding designer born in Busan, South Korea. While she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design from Dong-A University, she learned how aesthetics support a positive customer experience. She took Digital Design program at Vancouver Film School and expanded her fashion skills upon her digital expertise. After she received her diploma with honors, she worked as an UX and UI designer for an interactive sports company.

She enjoys drawing, reading, cooking, practicing Taekwondo, and playing her Korean traditional musical instrument. When she has more time, she goes traveling and meets new people since she is passionate about learning languages and knowing people’s needs from different perspectives.

She is now a student at School of Visual Arts, hoping that she can acquire profound methods of thinking and approaching different type of solutions. She is looking forward to meeting many talented professors and students.

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