TingTing Gao

Class of 2016


Tingting Gao has been excited by electronic products since she was very young. She was introduced to interaction design through video games, though with no awareness of the word “interaction.” She is interested in creative combination of art and technology, which drove her to study at the Communication University of China, with a major of digital media.

During college, she had the opportunity to study from a range of fields such as graphic design, web design, photography, and coding. In one internship, Tingting took charge of graphic design for company activities. This was her chance to promote her interactive design skills by joining LED product display design and time service system design. She also realizes that interaction design not only focuses on human behavior and technology, but also brings impact on commercial success.

After that, she continues doing interactive projects and decides to study in SVA with a belief that she can touch new things, meet new friends, and learn much from others here. She aims to affect human’s emotional experience for different ways of interaction concerning details of both aesthetics and practicability.

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