Awanee Joshi

Class of 2023


Awanee strives to create a positive impact through her work. She has always kept empathy at the core of her design practice as she believes empathy is the basis of all social interactions. She is a problem solver and thinks that design has enabled her to learn about anything and push the boundaries of everything.

As a product design student at the National Institute of Design, India, she worked on a variety of self-driven projects in the spaces of systems design, inclusive design, speculative design, and interaction design. Her experiences there have inspired her to create products that drive behavior change and also touch people on an emotional level. After graduation, she worked for a year and a half at a UX design studio and has worked on projects in the domains of electric vehicle fleet management, cybersecurity, e-commerce, and retail. She speaks her mind, is a team player, and is able to handle broad responsibility.

When she is not solving complex problems and designing interactions, you would find her dancing, doing origami, backpacking, or experimenting with food. She is excited to learn and explore the world of interaction design at SVA.