Clear Shen

Class of 2024


Empathetic and curious, Clear is an interaction designer who aspires to explore how technologies can enhance how people communicate, express themselves, and conduct their relationships. With the experience of living on three continents, she is always up for new challenges and enjoys working with diverse groups of people. 

Clear graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Graphic design. Her studies and desire to leverage a positive impact inspire her to ask questions and continuously challenge the status quo.

Thus, she started her career as a digital designer in a New York fintech startup, which is a new realm for her. Clear was offered an opportunity to work under both the product and the marketing design team. Through this unique experience, she was fascinated by designing accessible and inclusive platforms that aim to serve everyone. Since then, she has decided to devote her future studies and career to improving people’s ability to connect.

Aside from work, Clear spends her time playing with her two dwarf bunnies, meeting new people, and writing.