Elushika Weerakoon

Class of 2017


Elushika started life that way, that is, as uniquely Elushika. A completely uncommon name in the United States and decidedly uncommon in her native Sri Lanka, Elushika was destined to cultivate a design perspective that is all her own. When she landed in New Orleans at the age of 16, she was taken in by the city’s lust for life and living in the moment. While studying computer science at Loyola University, Hurricane Katrina’s twin forces of wind and rain propelled Elushika from New Orleans, above the Mason-Dixon Line to New York City. Gotham provided a new perspective and she began to soak in the brownstones and acclimate to the local bagel-and-lox culture of the Upper West Side.

After taking her first design class at Fordham University, she knew that her heart lay in design. Elushika found a calling between the blurry boundaries of design and computer science. During her tenure at a product design firm, she discovered the evolving field of interaction design and became more involved in the world of user experience. Her design ethos is to make things simpler to use, in a complex world.