EunJung Yang

Class of 2024


EunJung is a product designer who enjoys exploring the curious aspects of everyday life. She was born and raised in South Korea and now calls New York home. Before starting SVA's Interaction Design MFA program, she earned her BA in Design & Arts from the School of Design Convergence at Hongik University. While at Hongik University, EunJung cultivated an interest in connecting technology with the human experience to create in-depth interactions that genuinely resonate with users. 

Over the past few years, EunJung has worked as a product designer and a pilot researcher. In this role, she has embraced working closely with a diverse team to solve problems and develop innovative solutions.

As a designer, EunJung believes combining engineering technology and human purpose in visual arts creates designs that reach beyond aesthetic beauty. This intersection of technology and humanity leads to designs that spark deeper resonance and significantly impact the human experience. In that sense, her design process is always toward balancing aesthetics, science, and humanities while filling in the gaps as needed to create something greater than the sum of its parts. 

Outside of her work in design, EunJung loves watching musicals, growing plants, and exercising at the gym.