Gökay Abacı

Class of 2022


A talented designer, Gökay is practical and creative, not only questioning the way things are done but also coming up with his own, often out-of-the-box solutions. He recently graduated from Whitman College with a liberal arts degree, where he explored the human side of human-computer interaction and studied how colors used on digital interfaces affect our emotions differently.

He is a firm believer in the Design for Good ethos and wants to use his design skills towards a happier and healthier world. At the School of Visual Arts, he is excited to explore the applications of interaction design on different media such as wearable devices, smart objects, and public spaces.

Gökay strives to be adaptable, enterprising, and critical, especially when the design field is always changing. He is resourceful and not afraid to be critical of his work. He believes that design should be simple but not dull, and follows Milton Glaser's "just enough is more" principle.