Harshi Rambhia

Class of 2024


Harshi is a product designer who chose to pursue the discipline to follow her keen interest in craft and artisan communities. Her patience, attention to detail, and curiosity about natural materials and traditional processes complement her passion for designing handcrafted objects.

As she got deeper into working with craft communities in India and gained firsthand experience, her focus shifted to indigenous knowledge systems. Deeply inspired by the knowledge and wisdom of grassroots communities and a desire to re-establish its significance for a sustainable future in the developing world, Harshi has initiated, envisioned, and led social impact projects. At the same time, she worked at a design studio in the Indian Himalayan region of Sikkim. 

Harshi sees design as a way to advocate for what she believes in and, at the same time, acknowledges how the design process, which is full of discoveries, helps her realize what she believes in. She continues to explore and learn how to design programs, services, and strategies for addressing complex challenges and strives to translate ideas into viable interventions.  

As much as she loves to design, Harshi also likes to tune inwards through her yoga practice and by spending time in nature.