James Z. Vanié

Class of 2017


James is a creative thinker who brings calm to chaos. A Kentucky native, he enlisted in the Army and quickly rose through the ranks to sergeant. After deploying twice, and making many successful jumps with the 82nd Airborne Division, he left the military to earn his Business Management degree at St. John’s University. During his undergrad career, James refined his management skills, fell in love with design, and backpacked through 20 countries in three continents. His wide range of experience has bolstered his ability to approach design problems with a deep sense of empathy and endless curiosity.

After working in the Design field over the last three years, he has come to appreciate the full gamut as he has held roles on both the Creative and Project Management sides. James is dedicated to crafting memorable experiences and pushing imaginative ideas to their highest potential. Interests include: Improv, Storytelling, and Yoga.