Jiayu (Mona) Luo

Class of 2023


Jiayu is an interaction designer born and raised in China. She has both an artist’s sensibility and a designer’s rationality. She studied Interdisciplinary Computing and The Arts with a minor in Design at the University of California, San Diego. This experience empowered her to gain a holistic view of human-computer interaction and inspired her to see the importance of addressing people’s emotional needs via design.

She was motivated to solve real-world problems through her creations. Before joining the MFA Interaction Design program, she was a freelance web designer and worked at Essence Securities Co., Ltd. as a UI Design Intern in China. Closely working with people from various fields, she further developed her ability to turn vision into reality.

She perceives the whole world as an interactive platform and believes that as designers, we have the responsibility to tackle problems that are way beyond the small phone screen.


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