Jihye Kim

Class of 2024


With an avid interest in aesthetic graphics and the human mind, Jihye is passionate about how to intertwine these two aspects to create something greater than the sum of its parts.

Jihye earned her BFA in Visual Communication Design in South Korea and established her career as a Product Designer working for LINE in Tokyo and doing editorial design for various companies in S. Korea. Jihye’s work on several projects has consistently challenged her to create human-centered designs that bring beauty and intuition together. These experiences have helped her understand the importance of putting user needs first. It has also provided her with the valuable insight that to create ‘Good Design,’ one must remain keenly aware of the influence of the human mind.

As a designer responsible for enhancing people's lives, Jihye wants to put her effort into implementing ideas and facilitating human connection through digital media based on fundamental methodology and, most importantly, the emotions we all have through visualization. She loves new and exciting experiences and exploring all of life’s simple pleasures.