Jingjing Guan

Class of 2023


Jingjing thinks that design should have a purpose, and the success of any piece of design work may be measured through its application and usefulness – either commercial or social. This is the founding principle on which she based her work in the field of interaction design.

Over the last few years, she has had the opportunity to work in a professional capacity with a number of start-ups as well as mid-sized companies located both in the US and Asia.

The majority of her projects played key roles in creating and executing memorable and unique brand experiences that add value to both the company and serve its customers. She believes that design has to be conceptual, concise, and unique. Her diverse experiences have made her into a well-rounded designer that can take on any challenges. She is also a proud co-founder and creative designer of the small stationary brand Minimalmart. She aspires to effectively use human data analysis to resolve problems that personally matter to her. In her free time, Jingjing loves to travel and paint illustrations.


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