Joel Giambra Jr.

Class of 2024


With the personal mission of leaving the world a more inclusive place than he found it, Joel seeks to create innovative solutions for fundamental human problems. He is passionate about democratizing industries and increasing accessibility. He hopes to achieve these goals while simultaneously delighting users in the process.

Joel pulls from his experiences to identify the pivotal moments that have shaped him. Growing up, Joel’s closest family operated their own business. Thus, from a young age, Joel has witnessed the problems that coincide with entrepreneurial ventures. He struggled to watch them experience hardships within their respective industries and, in listening to their concerns, was always determined to help. In his career endeavors, Joel seeks to identify fundamental problems and their causes, then work towards a solution from a place of understanding.

He believes that his approach of being on the ground floor with those experiencing hardship can provide him with deeper insights into their challenges, allowing him to better aid in crafting innovative, empathetic solutions. Joel is an avid philosophy lover and derives significant inspiration from the Epictetus quote, "We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak." He believes that this is not only meaningful in the practice of mindfulness but also in product development.