Kai Hsin Chiu

Class of 2023


Kai Hsin is a dedicated interaction designer with experience working in global software app and computer peripherals companies. She is passionate about creating delightful cross-reality experiences that not only fit the users’ needs but also guide them into a more preferable future.

As a designer, she is always up for delving into different user groups and has designed a wide range of digital and physical product experiences, including apps, websites, voice menus, ergonomic mice, and gaming keyboards for influencers. Throughout the making, she has developed the skills of qualitative user research, problem analysis, concept ideation, and prototyping. She considers herself a work-in-progress and exploring creative solutions to empower modern people is what drives her as a designer.

In her free time, she enjoys hiking, shooting with film cameras, and exchanging recipes with people. She is excited to embark on an NYC food journey and city adventures.