Kohzy Koh

Class of 2017


Growing up in Singapore, a country renowned for its efficiency, it’s no wonder Kohzy's first love is cities, especially the ones where people are ever-moving and things are ever-happening. He is fascinated by everything that makes a city tick: from its creative communities to its waste management systems. As cities everywhere swell with more people, more diversity, and more issues, Kohzy can't wait to be involved in creating products or services to make urban life better and more sustainable.

The path to IxD has been meandering for Kohzy. Graduating with an Economics degree from Harvard and heading straight into finance, he found himself more fascinated by products and business models than by the numbers of transactions. He never forgot the exhilaration of creating things in college, be it architectural models, newspaper cartoons, or theater sets. He quickly dived into the tech industry, doing everything from operations to marketing to design for a startup in NYC. In the months before embarking on the IxD program, Kohzy bought a bicycle and cycled across Scandinavia, bringing back memories of perfectly-crafted furniture, lush green fields, and a renewed conviction that the best way to experience a city is astride a bicycle.