Mihira Patel

Class of 2024


As a child, crayons and color were Mihira’s favorite playmates and the most effective outlet for her pent-up energy. This sustained love for the visual medium drew her toward Graphic Design and an undergraduate program in Visual Communication at UnitedWorld Institute of Design.

Being a freelance designer, she has had the opportunity of working with various demographics. This helped her understand the user thoroughly before ideating any project. In the course of her work, she realized that the more she dived into the field of User Experience, the more she got intrigued by it. That incessant quest for knowledge in this field prompted her to pursue an MFA in Interaction Design at SVA.

Mihira aims to pursue Ph.D. in Design Research, where her focus would be to understand the psychology of users and how they interact with digital products. You will find her reading books, furthering her culinary skills, or traveling in her spare time. She is always looking for a new hobby or interest and loves to try new things.