Minahil Kasher

Class of 2024


Minahil is a designer and creative director working and living in New York. Her interest in Interaction Design stems from her undergraduate experience at the School of Visual Arts, where she received her BFA in Design. During that pivotal experience, she learned that there was much more to the process of creating solutions than visual design alone. That insight ignited her desire to learn more about product research and design. At SVA MFA IxD, she hopes to build on the foundation of her undergraduate studies and expand her creative network. She intends to use everything she learns to create experiences that feel human and function with empathy for the people they are designed for.

Over the last two years, Minahil has worked on building her company, Things Of All Sorts, an online shop exhibiting naturally-made, handcrafted goods from Pakistan. TOAS recruits artisans, giving them the platform to market their skills through handmade products and have a steady income allowing them to gain financial independence beyond charity.

When not in front of a screen, Minahil likes to paint and illustrate witty doodles. She spends most of her time with her pet Congo African Grey Parrot, Leo. She also likes to spend time reading and writing or out in nature.