Nayeon Kim

Class of 2023


Nayeon is an interaction designer from South Korea. She started her career as a UI designer at a start-up company that helps people use medical services more conveniently. Participating in multiple projects that solve usability issues with user behavior data, she has started to ponder good user experiences from a broader perspective, rather than only in terms of aesthetically pleasing designs. It prompted her decision to pursue graduate studies in interaction design at the School of Visual Arts.

She believes design has significant power in changing our lives. As we live in a society in which technology is constantly and rapidly evolving, she wants to be a problem solver who helps users interact more fluently with new technological developments. Therefore, she has a great interest in future interaction designs for various platforms, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and voice technology. 

Nayeon also enjoys exploring good places in her free time. She loves going to a quiet cafe to focus on her work, study, or simply relax with a cup of coffee. She believes that spending time in a pleasant environment makes her more energized and productive!


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