Ritwik Deshpande

Class of 2017


When he was 17, a local rag allowed Ritwik to pretend he was a real writer. Every Thursday they gave him four hundred words to rant about whatever he thought everyone should be listening to. He kept at it, and eventually turned into a full-time music journalist. He freelanced his way through college and took up a job as a features writer at NH7. As he was stacking paragraphs, he grew increasingly obsessed over controlling the experience of reading his articles. He began familiarizing himself with tools that would allow him to mould layouts to amplify their impact. After launching into an exploration of how the written word can be presented on the web, he began seeing writing, design, and coding as an integrated process and realized that the most exciting work lies at the point of their intersection. He now intends to put up a tent at this point and spend his days marveling at the intricacies.