Sukyong Kwon

Class of 2024


Su-kyong (Jade) Kwon is a multi-dimensional designer from South Korea. She started her career by running an interior design and branding design company. After designing numerous projects and spaces in the heart of Seoul, she began to consider the aesthetic and functional aspects of design and people's experiences. Spurred by her curiosity and passion, she has decided to pursue an MFA in Interaction Design at the School of Visual Arts to broaden her perspective.

Su-kyong has made numerous observations in her pursuit to be a thoughtful and critically-minded citizen of the world. The idea that has resonated with her the most is the process of spaces evolving from physical to digital. She is particularly passionate about using technology to challenge limitations in how people think, communicate, and experience the world. She uses multimedia technology such as AR, the metaverse, and NFTs to achieve these goals. She even founded an NFT-based street fashion brand, "What The Frog," in which people can enjoy a seamless experience between the offline and online fashion worlds. Overall, Su-kyong aspires to use her knowledge and experience with these cutting-edge technologies to design new types of innovative and memorable brand experiences, the kind of experiences that people will never forget. 

Outside of her dynamic enthusiasm for work, Su-kyong takes a chill perspective on life. She appreciates simple pleasures like single malt whisky, Nintendo, and her adorable cat.