Sunwoo Park

Class of 2024


Born and raised in Seoul, Sunwoo received her Bachelor's degree in History, Art, and Technology from Sogang University, South Korea. This experience allowed her to explore the many ways of using digital technology to represent society and people through visual art. 

Sunwoo has previously worked as a freelance media designer and translator. She has worked in a media design studio in Seoul and has translated the Official Korea Train Express Guidebook. By working back and forth between these fields, Sunwoo has come to understand the importance of utilizing strategy to create an empathetic digital experience that can genuinely enhance people’s lives. She has also learned to focus on reaching users where they are and delivering narrative content in digital and non-digital spaces.

Sunwoo is fascinated by the way user experience design integrates cutting-edge technology, research, strategy, and narrative to solve pertinent problems in people’s lives. She believes this integration is key to solving problems and crafting significant solutions that can fundamentally shift people’s perspectives.

Outside of work, Sunwoo enjoys movies from around the world and appreciates the various perspectives they offer. Sunwoo loves spending her time at art museums and galleries. She is also an amateur photographer and has a passion for photo editing.