Tzuyi Lee

Class of 2024


Born and raised in Taiwan, Tzuyi Lee, also called Stacey, is a product designer who has worked in various industries, including education, e-commerce, medicine, and social networking. From her prior experience as a product designer in the global LGBTQ+ dating app, Grindr, she learned how to approach projects from an international perspective. She is also an illustrator and art lover who deeply appreciates the role visuals play in the user experience.

From her previous work, she found herself fascinated with digging out user problems through deep communication, brainstorming, and building genuine products to connect individuals and overcome biases while always remaining cognizant of business strategies. She is also fascinated with building beautiful UIs and visual design with micro-animations. She believes that designing eye-catching graphics is to good user experience what adding wings is to a tiger - not strictly necessary, but something that makes the ordinary extraordinary! 

When she’s not working, you can find her free diving in the ocean or hiking in the mountains. She also loves singing karaoke and welcomes backup singers if you ever want to join her; no experience necessary!