Valunporn Sithivaraporn

Class of 2024


Nino is an experienced UX/UI designer born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. After receiving her Bachelor of Fine Art in Communication Design, she discovered that her passion lies beyond the visual surface. Nino realized that she desired to go beyond the visible and create work more focused on the human experience. Thus, Nino has launched herself forward down the path of UX/UI design. Over time, she has developed a keen eye for striking the perfect balance between branding, user interface design, and the human experience. 

After she graduated, Nino spent a few years working as a graphic designer. In her role, she learned to extract distinct values from clients' brand stories to find and convey the main concepts for each design. This skill and understanding offer her a unique perspective when finding the perfect intersection between aesthetics and usability for websites. She has also learned to bridge the gap between research skills, communication strategy, and visual communication in digital products. She has grown her interest in digital product design and developed a strong passion for enhancing a product's usability by deepening and broadening her knowledge in human-centered design to make products more intuitive, inclusive, and user-friendly, alongside aesthetic visuals. These factors have merged and motivated her to become a UX/UI designer. 

When she is not crafting thoughtful designs, you can find her wandering in parks, immersed in music performances, walking in flea markets, and exploring new areas to seek out the most delicious places to eat!