Yeseul Namkoung

Class of 2023


Yeseul’s passions lie in discovering new inspirations and using her creativity to deliver meaningful experiences to people. With a major in industrial design, she observed people’s behavior and developed her understanding of human psychology by designing physical products.

She was able to apply this knowledge as an art director in the advertising industry where she could create empathetic narratives derived from key consumer insights.

While Yeseul enjoyed the creativity of the advertisement industry, she found unilateral communication limiting and instead found herself drawn to the multi-layered, engagement-focused nature of interaction design. From this, she pivoted her career to focus on developing her passion for UX design which serves to combat social issues and support underrepresented people.

Yeseul strongly believes in technology’s potential to connect people and opportunities. While conducting her UX design project, she realized the importance of well-organized processes in driving valuable outputs. She is currently working as a product designer in a startup where she utilizes design thinking and is further developing her passion for human-centered design.

Outside of work, Yeseul loves shooting on film because she likes to capture people’s behaviors, emotions, and interactions with their surroundings.


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