Yi Li

Class of 2023


Yi recently graduated from Massachusetts college of art and design with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Graphic Design. As a designer, She has always been drawn to creative experiments and innovative ideas. Although mainly trained in the discipline of graphic design as an undergraduate, she has always thought of design as something more than simply creating aesthetically pleasing compositions but also problem-solving through creative and artistic explorations. During the course of her studies, she found herself attracted to unconventional design and art pieces that incorporated emerging technologies and new media.

Besides design, Yi is a huge fan of digital illustration, painting, and handcrafting. She believes in Marshall McLuhan’s notion that “the medium is the message”—the media that different design works take on would inform and shape their meanings and purposes, so she always experiments with different media with her work. She looks forward to working and growing in a creative, challenging, and thought-driven environment together with other designers.