Yiran Chi

Class of 2024


Born in Hangzhou, China, Yiran Chi decided to follow her dream of becoming a designer after two years of studying communications engineering. In 2022 she got her Bachelor's degree in Graphic and Interactive Design at Temple University, Tyler School of Art and Architecture.

Her early work was more print-based, and she enjoys adding her passion for making illustrations to her works. She has interned at a publishing house and sold her prints in local shops. However, after the pandemic began, she worked on several interactive projects to help people deal with the transformations that the pandemic brought to their lives. These experiences led her to think about using design to address people's everyday needs and problems, and she decided to shift her focus to interaction design. She believes in the power of interaction and hopes to bring fun and joyful experiences to users through her work.

Yiran is a history and Lolita fashion lover. In her free time, she enjoys walking, illustrating, digging in bookstores, or searching for dessert in the city.