Yixin Chen

Class of 2024


As someone who gets bored easily and becomes frustrated by the status quo, Yixin is always ready to push the boundaries of the conventional to create something new. Yixin is on a mission to learn about and create new experiences and solutions for our problems through memorable interactions with magic-like, constantly evolving modern technologies.

After Yixin learned her portion of electrical engineering and computer science in college, she briefly worked as a software engineer at Airbnb. Eventually, she concluded that designing interactive technologies aligns more with her intrinsic passion and calling. Hence, Yixin decided to develop her design abilities through SVA’s MFA IxD program and is looking forward to all the inspiration she can get from this new chapter in her life.

Apart from her primary mission to become a full-fledged designer, Yixin enjoys reading about theories and research in biology and social sciences. She also likes getting inspired by digital artwork and video games with stunning graphics, unique interactions, and moving stories.