Yuri Kim

Class of 2024


Yuri is a product designer with a background in graphic design. As a born designer, she is passionate about creating simple, beautiful, and inclusive digital products that can solve day-to-day human problems and improve business efficiency.

She worked as a graphic designer at a design studio after receiving her BFA in Visual Communication Design at Ewha Women's University. Her works encompass print, brand identities, environmental design, exhibition design, signage systems, motion graphics, and brand design strategy.

While collaborating with diverse industries, she discovered her passion for interaction design based on user-centered thinking. She believes that it is possible to solve people's daily problems and help them add value to their lives by having a deeper understanding of users and turning complex problems into simple, elegant user-centered design solutions.

As a naturally curious person, her interests transcend a variety of subjects. During her free time, she seeks out experimental songs with unusual rhythms and reads books to collect ideas that provide insight into people and our world. Aside from that, she tries to please her cats.