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January 2017

Product Profile - Kiwi

Featured: Bowen Li Uijun Park Paola Rangel Elushika Weerakoon

Kiwi is an app for high-school students that scans physical books and collects any highlighted material. From there, users can search, share, and add notes in a way that facilitates active learning. Read Article

This Smart Speaker Becomes A Communication Hub During Disasters

Featured: Elushika Weerakoon Kohzy Koh David Al-Ibrahim

Readi is meant to be used on a daily basis, but its emergency features mean you're prepared for the worst. Read Article

This Reverse Alarm Clock Yawns To Remind You To Go To Bed On Time

Featured: Nic Barajas

Sometimes our bodies and our brains need a reminder that we're exhausted. Read Article

Makeover Mania - Inside the 21st-Century Craze for Redesigning Everything

Featured: Luke Stern Amy Wu

In theory, the redesign begins with a problem. The problem might be specific or systemic or subjective. A logo makes a company’s image feel out of date. A familiar household object has been overtaken by new technology. A service has become too confusing for new users. And so on. The world is, after all, full of problems. Read Article

Design for Humanity: 5 Educators Weigh in on Interaction Design Methods & Tools

Featured: Liz Danzico

With the advent of meaningful content on the web, increases in mobile device usage and growth of interactive technologies, designing for interaction and experiences has become a common professional thread. In today’s environment, interaction design refers to the practice of designing digital products, systems and services based on human goals and behaviors. Read Article

The Triumph of the Small - Nieman Lab Predictions for Journalism 2017

Featured: Liz Danzico

Sometime around 1995, we changed. We changed because the Internet seemed to move from the unknown and unreachable to the possible. A prosumer activity to a consumer activity. It was open. It was available. Read Article

July 2017

Social Innovation: Now More Than Ever

Featured: Liz Danzico

The role of design and designers in society and the marketplace is changing. So editors Mariana Amatullo, Bryan Boyer, Liz Danzico and Andrew Shea recently co-edited LEAP Dialogues: Career Pathways in Social Innovation (Designmatters at ArtCenter College of Design), which addresses this transition through conversations, case studies, examples and more—becoming a veritable handbook for social impact design stories through a global lens. Read Article

Liz Danzico: Interaction Innovator

Featured: Liz Danzico

For a person with a blazing brain, whose online calendar looks like a mighty brick wall, and whose vision is directed several years into the future, Liz Danzico manages to stay intensely calm. The job titles that describe each temporal brick aren’t on many career counselors’ lists—not yet, anyway. Read Article

Online, It’s the Mouse That Runs the Museum

One morning last fall Judson Box woke up early to tend the horses at his farm near Leesburg, Fla. Before he could sit down to breakfast, however, his wife waved him over to the color TV that doubles as their home computer, thanks to an old WebTV setup. As Mr. Box leaned in closer to the grainy 17-inch screen, he started to make out the image of a fireman running through a tunnel. Read Article

Training the Butterflies: Interview with Scott Berkun

Featured: Liz Danzico

Everyone has seen it happen. An otherwise accomplished person walks on stage at a conference, and subsequently one or more of the following occur: The microphone breaks, the speaker punctuates every sentence with “ummm,” he starts running out of time, whispers so quietly not even the front row can hear him, the technology breaks down, he fumbles at an impossible question, or forgets everything and stands on stage in terrifying silence. And everything falls to pieces. Read Article

Philip Johnson’s Glass House Launches Online Hub for Design Conversation

When he wasn’t trading punches with Mies van der Rohe, collecting prizes, and redefining the urban landscape, uberarchitect Philip Johnson (1906-2005) was stockpiling Windex and living it up in the Glass House, his private residence in New Canaan, Connecticut. Read Article

Metropolis: The Salon Lives On

Writing 24 years ago in Architectural Digest, Vincent Scully called Philip Johnson’s Glass House “the most sustained cultural salon that the US had ever seen.” Within the glass walls of that modernist marvel, people like Andy Warhol, Frank Stella, and Robert A. M. Stern battled wits over the endless martinis supplied by Johnson and his partner, David Whitney. Read Article

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