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July 2017

Glass House Conversations

Philip Johnson and David Whitney used to invite great minds from the architecture, design, and art worlds to the Johnson-designed Glass House in New Canaan, Connecticut, for evenings of discussion and debate. When the Glass House opened to the public in 2007, its programmers continued the invite-only tradition, commencing a new series of high-wattage chats. Read Article

App Watch: Museum Looks at 9/11 Through Photos, Stories

When we at Digits saw the Explore 9/11 app in the iPhone App Store, we were initially taken aback. There’s a tendency to associate apps with fun, such that apps and 9/11 seem as though they should be diametrically opposed. Read Article

In Your Palm, Memories of Horror and Valor

New York is not meant for memorials. In a city where everything lurches relentlessly into the future, who has time to mourn the past? The problem of how — or whether — to enshrine memory is especially clear at ground zero, where after almost a decade the official memorial is nowhere near completed and the feelings of many New Yorkers are nowhere near resolved. Read Article

Marco Service Helps People Find Each Other

This summer Tarikh Korula and a friend set out into New York City’s Lower East Side to a find a beer garden they had visited once before. There was one problem: neither of them remembered the name of the bar, let alone the street address. So they split up and began wandering down blocks, planning to call each other when they finally found their destination. Read Article

Marco Makes it Easy to Find Your Friends

We've all had that frustrating experience of trying to meet up with a friend at a crowded park or a concert: One of you is peering into the massive sea of people, the other is standing hundreds of feet away, waving their arms like a lunatic. You're texting each other or talking distractedly on the phone as you try to locate each other visually. It's painful. Read Article

Infographic Of The Day: Facebook Gets Top Pick Among Valley Talent

Featured: Gene Lu

Recently, we brought you a fascinating infographic that showed the flow of new hires between Silicon Valley’s major startups. But a reader of ours, Gene Lu, pointed out that the chart was actually misleading, and took it upon himself to create something better. Read Article

With a Wave of the Hand, Improvising on Kinect

Featured: Russ Maschmeyer

Russ Maschmeyer doesn’t have anything against old-fashioned musical instruments. He just thinks they’re a bit hard to play. In his work as a graduate student at the School of Visual Arts in New York, he created one from thin air. Read Article

Obtract Tracks And Shares Your Distraction Levels–And Gets You Working Again

Featured: Eric St. Onge

A new app helps you stay on task by showing where you spend your time online and giving that information to your co-workers. Read Article

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