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A platform that helps event attendees engage in virtual environments through optimized learning and networking experiences.

The recent pandemic has drastically changed our lives, including the way events are planned and executed. Due to the 6-feet social distancing guideline, virtual events have become our new normal. Among many problems this poses for virtual events, keeping user engagement is the most important. Event attendees are still not convinced that virtual events can provide a similar level of interaction to in-person events, because of the lack of interpersonal communication. They can’t differentiate virtual event experiences from other streaming services.

3ft is a platform that helps event attendees engage in virtual events. Instead of replicating in-person conferences, it offers a new user journey that increases accessibility and efficiency. It enhances communication between speakers and attendees by intelligently filling in the gap between the talk and the follow-up discussion. To elevate the networking experience, each participant is matched with others based on their shared interests and career backgrounds, thus facilitating breakout room conversations.

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