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Actionable equips young people with tools to be more effective as they work together to create social change.

Young people are on the front lines of today's pressing issues and they deserve to have their voices heard. At the March for Our Lives, 18-year-old Vanessa told me, “If our generation is going to grow up and be the one in positions of power able to make change, it is important that right now we use our voices.”

But moving beyond talking about the issues to understanding how to take action is hard. Identifying the who, what, where, when and how of affecting change isn’t something generally talked about in classrooms.

Actionable equips young people, like Vanessa, with simple tools that help them develop their voices and share the ways they are driving change in their communities. By using a peer-driven process to focus their ideas, young people are better able to learn from each other as they generate, plan, and lead the political and social changes they care about.

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