Adore is a video platform that facilitates virtual dates to create crush moments.

Made by Xiaofang Fan



Loneliness is not just a feeling — it's been proven that it can be as deadly as smoking 15 cigarettes per day. By quarantining at home, people face a new level of loneliness, along with the inability to go on a physical date. Zoom dating has become a new normal for us, however, staring at a screen and asking tons of questions with strangers is not an ideal date.

Adore helps people start to know each other and create crush-worthy moments in a virtual date by providing enjoyable, progressive, and memorable video-based experiences. People can play customized AR games to get relaxed and comfortable being themselves and get a chance to know each other’s authentic life stories to build a deeper bond in a romantic atmosphere. It also provides a friendly report after the date and an interactive board that only belongs to two of you, so that your date does not stop here.

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