Made by Ke Hu


A modern solar collector that helps eco-conscious apartment dwellers power their devices every day.

Nature and the power industry struggle to keep our lights, laptops, and WiFi routers running every day. If we covered all of New York City’s rooftops with solar panels, we could produce enough energy to power 1 million homes. To date, less than 1% of apartment dwellers in New York City have access to solar energy. That’s because they have no authority over their building rooftops, and often have little understanding of how to harvest solar energy. Aray is an easy-to-use solar collector designed for eco-conscious apartment dwellers. Its transparent solar panel allows users to turn their sunny windows into solar farming fields in less than 5 minutes. The IOT-connect charging station enables them to charge their personal devices at home. With Aray’s mobile app, users can understand their energy usage and encouraged to continue responsible behaviors. Solar energy production shouldn’t be limited because of rooftop access. Together with Aray, we can tap into the unused vertical space of buildings and empower ourselves to shape the urban energy landscape.