Made by Sana Rao

Arth, which translates to the word "meaning," is a book retail brand, which focuses on bridging the gap between the low supply and high demand of books in India, by entering the market with used books, which would have otherwise been recycled for paper goods. It intends to tap into the rapidly growing literacy rate in India, keeping its main focus on three main genres of books: Childrens’ books(comics, novels, etc), Competition/Text Books, and Vernacular Literature.

It will do that by providing an organized channel to recycle and restore used books into the system, in order to reach a larger number of audience. The three stages of the service would be:

  1. Sourcing used books: Tapping into the already existing micro-economies existing in the Indian society, one of whom being Kabadiwalls or junk collectors who go door to door to collect junk to be recycled or sold later to wholesale junk dealers, who then sort the goods for recycling and selling. As well as directly sourcing from government and competition preparatory schools.
  2. Warehousing: Building a book bank which, situated on the outskirts of metro cities would house all the collected books, and repair the ones that need repair. Along with R&D personnel to curate the procuring and selling of titles.
  3. Sales & Delivery: Selling through mobile buses to reach even the more remote areas where books are not available easily, along with kiosks on Railways platforms and inter-state bus stations.