Awkward Family Game

Made by Prachi Pundeer Sana Rao Shanshan Gao

In all cultures, families have interesting ways of preserving their stories. We designed a game meant to be played during a family get-together, where players test their knowledge about each other, and unravel and record new, curious and possibly embarrassing memories about each other.

The game is in the shape of a book which unfolds like an accordion into a long sheet of paper. The first player begins a story about any member, writes down a bit of the story, and passes the book around. Each player continues the story or contributes details to it, and if a player is not able to add to the story he must tell everyone an embarrassing anecdote about himself, which is also included in the book.

The book becomes a way of preserving stories for everyone's enjoyment, and after a few years the family will have many chronologically tagged volumes stacked up in their bookshelf.