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Create a bond with your unborn child using the touch of your hand.

There is nothing like the relationship between a mother and her child. Beginning before the child’s birth, it’s a physical and emotional connection that is important for a baby’s development. It’s a closeness that enriches the life of a baby, and it’s something that fathers are unable to experience experience. Moreover, as the family dynamic is changing, and children are being born through surrogacy, how can these parents begin to establish a bond of their own?

Introducing BUMP, a wearable technology concept that allows parents-to-be to create a bond with their unborn child with just the touch of their hand. BUMP is a pliable and comfortable device that easily adheres to a woman’s stomach. By placing the device atop the lower area of the belly (one on each side), the parent can gently rest his/her hands on BUMP to initiate the bond. BUMP will transmit the sound of the person’s unique heartbeat into the womb for the unborn child to hear.

Because babies in the womb are capable of remembering sound, BUMP helps to establish a bond that continues into the child’s life after birth. When a parent holds their newborn with the head resting in the chest area, the child will recognize the unique heartbeat from when he or she was in the womb, continuing to grow the bond that began before the babies birth.