Beary the Teddy Tracker

Made by Michie Cao


The Teddy Tracker is an emergency alert device for children.

The Teddy Tracker conceals an emergency alert device behind its cuddly and lovable teddy bear exterior. Through a discreet 3-step series of gestures, Beary the Bear allows kids to text an emergency alert with embedded GPS data to their guardian. Guardians are then able to track down the location of child and meanwhile, activate a calming blue light in Beary's heart that signals to the child that help is on the way.

What's unique about Teddy Tracker as a help device is its emotional dimension.  Beyond alerting the guardian of emergencies, the teddy bear, as a beloved and familiar "friend" to the child, is something to hug and hold when scared - a form of emotional comfort no other existing emergency device currently provides.  With all of the circuitry hidden and the capabilities limited to just texting, this project allows technology to recede into the background in favor of the more personal and unique friendship that is formed between the child and bear.

Teddy Tracker

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