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Bookish is an app for readers to capture a personal response to a book at a given time and place.

A response to the realization that e-books don’t acquire meaning for their readers in the same way physical volumes do, Bookish goes beyond replicating the trappings of physical books, instead taking advantage of the unique possibilities that arise from reading on a connected, sensor-driven tablet device. It envisions a new way to relate to the reading we do and the experiences we have with the books that live with us.

Bookish helps avid readers consider their reading in the larger context of their lives, and to capture a personal history of reading experiences that is both accessible and evocative. It encourages readers to reflect on a moment of insight connected to their reading—and by pairing that reflection with an image and sound recorded at the time and place where an insight occurs, Bookish creates a visible history of life with books.

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