Bound by a Thread

Made by Sana Rao


Bound by a thread, is the reflection of the idea that words are not enough to communicate experiences in a rich way, and that contextual cues are important for that process. It is a critical look at designing (physical) content for the future where design for other senses is as much a part of the authorship process as the writing itself. It explores sound, as a sense which has a stronger corelation to memory and cognition than the sense of sight, by adding a layer of sensorial data to textual content in order to create novel interactions and connections.

A much broader look at the role of interaction design in today’s and tomorrow’s society- as shifting from merely interactions with ‘smart’ objects that respond to us with preset rules, towards examining the interactions themselves, towards providing a space for contemplative, poetic and meaningful interactions in our day to day lives.

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Book Soundscape Demo

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