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A mobile app that provides users with accompanying services to walk safely to their destination at night and allows them to view safety-related map information on the screen.

Recently, there has been an increase in crimes targeting people that walk alone at night. Unfortunately, this can turn a routine trip home after work into a devastating tragedy. Anxiety and fear can make someone hesitate to walk alone, especially at night.

The probability of being a victim significantly lowers when accompanied by someone else. So knowing this fact, I created Buddy, a mobile app that provides a volunteer-run companion service. The user can use the app to select a volunteer to walk safely together to a specified destination. It also offers optimal route suggestions based on safety and traffic information. The app helps you stay safe by providing accurate, real-time information about crime and suspicious activity based on your designated route. The user can also check information about streetlight brightness and open stores nearby on a map. If a user feels in danger, they can push a button that alerts an emergency response team, the police, and designated acquaintances with their location information. With Buddy, your trips are safe.