A mobile app to manage and prepare for medical appointments

Made by Michie Cao

As today’s healthcare system strives toward delivering high quality patient care while reducing spending costs, it’s becoming increasingly important for healthcare professionals to engage with patients in more meaningful ways. One way to start is to give them access to medical data that’s useful and easy to understand.

Carebook is a simple way for hospital patients to manage and prepare for medical appointments. It lets patients easily share appointment details to keep loved ones in the know. It prepares them ahead of time by offering thorough and accessible explanations about upcoming procedures and tests. It’s a place where patients can log any questions they have about an appointment and set reminders, so they never forget to ask them when the time comes. By presenting medical data in a way that feels more approachable and human, Carebook is the foundation for a growing platform that empowers people to be become advocates of their own health.

26 The Graduate Show Michie Cao presents Carebook

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