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Chicken Chase


Chicken Chase is an interactive application which utilizes a laser pointer. It’s design allows urban farmers to engage with their chickens, no matter where they are.

Over the past 10 years, raising backyard chickens has increasingly grown in popularity, especially in urban environments.  Designers Ashley Marie Quinn and Rona Binay examined how the experience of raising chickens could be improved for new urban adopters. They quickly realized that finding ways to improve the relationship between owner and bird was the most compelling task.

Chickens in urban environments are often relegated to long days in their coops while their owners are out working. This stagnant environment can cause the chickens to become bored and lethargic, which in turn affects their health and egg production. A solution to this problem is to create ways to encourage activity while you’re away. To answer this issue we created Chicken Chase, a web-based application that allows you to remotely control a laser pointer to play with your chickens.