A game that tests Asian American families on their understanding of each other and encourages conversation across cultural barriers.

Made by Chi-Ching Tsai



Within multicultural families, there's often tension and misunderstanding between the parents and the kids. This is often the result of miscommunication, with many thinking that sharing their personal lives could be considered harmful in a family relationship as they grow up. As time goes on, they stop sharing their life and communicating their feelings, which creates distance between each other.

Circle is a user-generated quiz game inspired by family game night to help Asian American family members break the cultural barrier by challenging each other to find who knows who best and learn things they don’t know about each other. Every week, family members submit answers to questions prompted by Circle in 5 possible categories: culture, family, love, preference, and life experience. After everyone has answered these questions, a game is generated that tests the family members on everyone else's answers. The player with the highest score gets to pick a reward that the other family members have to fulfill that brings their love together. Based on people's results, the app will prompt families to ask and learn more about topics where they are less familiar. Circle makes cultural heritage catchy and brings family members together.

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