Cirrus Design

Made by Guri Venstad tony-chu1 Prachi Pundeer Sarah Adams

In this project we formed a mock design agency to respond to a Request for Proposal (RFP) from a fictional health care service provider. We pitched a comprehensive re-imagination of the client’s business strategy, oriented around behavioral change and habit building.

Based on our team’s collective background, we built our firm’s identity and process around being user-centred and behavioral science focused. Our firm philosophy guided us in the approach to the pitch.

The project’s brief was to help our client design personalized products and services that embed into their users’ personal health ecosystems. In examining the RFP, we recognized that they needed a new framework for understanding how they should address their users’ needs while meeting their business goals.

We identified behavior change and sensitivity to the user’s experiential context as key to our client’s success. As such, we developed a strategy based on users’ understanding of their health, and methods for creating sustained behavior change and promote self management. To demonstrate our strategy, we imagined possible product and service concepts that address scenarios our client faces.