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Coloring is a hypothetical consumer health product that launches in the year 2046. By then, significant leaps in psychology and neuroscience research will have taken place, transforming our understanding of mental health. Innovations in materials technology will also introduce new possibilities for treatment, such as brain chip implants. Implants may very well become a social norm and be used, among other things, to regulate neurotransmission and hormone levels in the brain.

Coloring is a skin interface for people who use brain chip implants to track and manage their mental health. It communicates with the user’s brain chip to display a real-time visualization of their emotional state, right in the palm of their hand. Emotions are mapped to a 7000-color spectrum. The spectrum is richer and more precise than our verbal emotional vocabulary, empowering people with a new language to understand their feelings. Rather than having to use blunt and unpredictable prescription drugs, users are given the agency to self-medicate when appropriate. They can simply blend harmonizing colors into their Coloring to balance their mood.