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Com No Am


A new loan service for financially underserved women who power the markets in Vietnam.

There are over five million financially underserved women vendors who power the markets in Vietnam.
Due to having to manage all of their finances in cash, these women lack formal credit history resulting in high barriers to accessing quality loans. Moreover, with no extra savings, any emergency will immediately put them in debt. They also can not save enough to improve their family’s way of living, ensure education for their children, or grow their business.

Com No Am is a women-centric service that allows them to gain access to bank loans. The service provides a simple loan application process, fast approval, and flexible repayment options that respond to their need for privacy, safety, and convenience. It also strives to empower those women vendors to stay on top of their finance by helping them build their confidence in taking and managing loans, as well as gradually build their traditional credit history.